P-4Life is a multi level marketing business, a member of Paylater group, that allow the individuals to earn unlimited interest returns (cash, cars etc) when you become a Partner to directorship and selling the services offered by Paylater Ghana limited. You earn as you refer a new client to become a partner of Paylater Ghana limited.

To begin, register as a partner with only GHc50.00 Introduced only (3) three new members, you earn GHc30.00 (GHc10.00 each member introduced) instantly and a certificate of partnership. Relax here and be the coach.

Move to the next level called “P-1” when your downlines also introduced new members (9members GHc20.00 each). Here you earn GHc180.00 on your partnership package. Move to “P-2” when they also introduced new members gives you GHc243.oo.
P-3 level enable you to earn GHc486.00.
P-4 you earn Ghc1,215.00 plus Nasco TV 32″ can be ordered directly here

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