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At Paylater Ghana, we have five (5) Key specially designed products and services that ensure that your financial challenges are gradually resolved, putting YOU on a path to financial freedom. Per Our digitization Agenda, we have a reliable and secured software/mobile app for our clients to enable them transact with us wherever they are located. 

As a licensed financial and General Trading/merchandise institution, we are devoted to helping you reach the goals you aspire in life.

This includes;

1. Consumer Loan (www.allinonegh.com)
2. Meba – Dakye
3. Financial Transactions (All Money Transfer Services)

4. Daily Susu

5. Partnership

PAYLATER CONSUMER LOAN (www.allinonegh.com)

To buy consumer durables, furniture, electrical appliances such as television, refrigerators, DVD players, Sounds Systems, internet services etc.

The company works in partnership with retailers or vendors to provide approved customers with the consumer item.

1. Open a SUSU Account wherever you are located
2. Make sure you have 50% of the amount of the items/goods in your account.
3. Minimum amount Ghc400.00
Maximum Ghc5,000.00

1. Free SMS notification
2. Access to mobile app to monitor all transactions
3. Free delivery of goods
4. deposit anytime and anywhere

Meba – Dakye

This type of account allows parents to pay for all unplanned expenses such as school fees, provisions etc for their wards within 91days.
This is a deposit account that offers security and an attractive rate of return.
We encourage withdrawal interval of at least 30 days.

1. You help yourself by avoiding the temptation of unplanned and quick spending.
2. You secure your money
3. You grow your money through interest earned

1. Free SMS alert
2. 6% interest returns every 91days from Ghc1000.00 and above

Financial Transactions (All Money Transfer Services)

Paylater has been registered as a merchant to offer mobile money service to it valued customers and non-customers of the company. The under listed services are offered at the branch.
All Money Transfer
1. Deposit
2. Withdrawal (Cash Out)
3. Airtime Purchase
4. General Payment
5. Bill Payment (ECG, Water Bill, DSTV, Etc.)
Just dial *920*40*60#

1. No charge on local transactions

Daily Susu

As the saying goes: “Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean” open a Susu account with minimum of Ghc2.00

1. Contribution/deposit can be done wherever you are using your mobile money via *920*40*60#
2. Free SMS alert
3. A minimum daily contribution of GHc2.00 and above


Become a Partner of Paylater Group. You can start with a minimum of Ghc500.00

⦁ Provides highly rewarding fixed returns for a fixed tenure.
⦁ Access to mobile app to monitor all transactions
⦁ Taken part in monthly meetings
⦁ Contributing to day-to- day activities of the company

General Requirements
1. Complete an account opening package form
2. Complete a mandate form
3. Provide two passport sized photos
4. Provide a National ID (Voters, Driver License, National ID, Passport)
5. Provide a Utility bill (Water, Electricity, Telephone) and a detailed direction to residence
6. Provide a residence permit for non-residents
7. Obtain an Introductory Letter from landlord or tenancy agreement if you stay in a rented house.
8. One guarantor

Chat with us on WhatsApp: 0271523987
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