Paylater Private Teachers Fun Club; 
A subsidiary of Paylater Ghana to assist private teachers in Ghana towards their future. 
Privates teachers who’s appointment has been confirmed by their school authorities are encouraged to contribute Ghc10.00 monthly as dues through which they will be offered a consumer loan to upgrade their academic level, purchase consumable items such as home appliances, farm tools etc.
Any teacher who wishes to leave the the organization will be entitled to his or her money in addition to any interest accrued. 
Teachers ending their contract to join a different organization or to further their education will still be allowed to participate.
Members of good standing, that’s making all contribution for the first quarter per academic calendar qualify for consumer loan and also to be determined by their appointment letters. 
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Loan Application
1. Personal Details:
2. Residential Address:
Please ensure you have a valid GPS Address.
3. Relative/Spouse Details
Provide details of two relatives of applicant, spouse included if married
4. Work Details:
5. Loan Details:
I hereby do declare that the information provided above is my most current and accurate information. I consent to PAYLATER Group making available information on the facility to Credit Reference Bureaux and Agencies.
6. Guarantor's Details
I hereby do declare as Guarantor, I shall be responsible for ensuring repayment of the loan. I also declare that in the event of death or default of the client, I shall be responsible for repaying the said loan received with the necessary interest, penalty as well as cost of any services incurred during the process.
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Max file size is 25 MB.
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